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Welcome to our portfolio page!  We hope this helps you get a glimpse of what the future home of your dreams might be like.  With clean lines and organized interiors, every detail is meticulously considered.

Don't let these luxurious spaces fool you, they are all designed to withstand even the heaviest wear.   

Living Room Design

Worry free living rooms & family rooms, you can truly relax in. 

Kitchen Design

Luxury kitchens that are durable & don't sacrifice style. 

Dining room Design

Family gatherings, holidays &  joyful parties can all be graciously enjoyed in a dining room designed by our team at Angela Smeed Design.

 We think exquisite design will make  these events more memorable! 

Bathroom Design

Escape and rejuvenate in your gorgeous new bathroom!

Home Office Design

Now more than ever, your home office space is an integral part of your home &  lifestyle.  

At Angela Smeed Design we help to create multifunctional workspaces.  We even have innovative ideas to design extra work spaces for your children and spouse in underutilized areas of your home.  Whether you prefer a modern office space, traditional, or eclectic space; your office will be designed to reflect your needs, as well as your hobbies and passions.  At Angela Smeed Design, we believe our designs are all about YOU!


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